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The average age to start private music lessons for a child is six years old – some younger students are ready, others not until they are older.

The criteria for students under 10 are that an “at-home coach” is required to be on hand during lessons, take notes putting your best efforts towards daily practice, making sure the child does exactly as instructed, and the ability to focus on an activity for 30 minutes.

Yes. You must have an instrument that you own or are renting from a music shop. For a list of shops to rent violin/viola from see Resources

You should bring your instrument, bow, and music to your lesson each week.

I teach lessons in my home studio in Boise, Idaho. Directions will be included in your welcome email.

I offer home visits on Monday only and on a case by case basis and with adjusted fees for travel, etc.

The period of time that a student studies with a private teacher varies. 

The more a person wishes to learn the longer they will take lessons.

The basic fundamentals can take about six months to learn on average, however every student’s musical journey is their own.

*Most students, Suzuki included, will be required to hold an inexpensive subscription to Fiddlequest as part of their ear training curriculum.

*Suzuki students will be required to purchase the book for their current level. I am certified in the Suzuki method and am happy to teach classical viola and violin to a high level.

In addition, there may be other accessories the student will need/want. Please see Resources for more information.

Yes. You will learn to read music and learn music theory.

If you are an older beginner and are more interested in joining jams rather than a traditional orchestra, note reading will be learned at your discretion.

Students that are already enrolled will have the first choice at new times as they become available.

If your schedule changes, let me know, and I will give you top priority in moving if an alternative time is available.

Yes! Performing in a formal recital setting is an exciting opportunity for students to showcase their hard work and improvement over the year in the presence of their family and friends. Three studio recitals are held throughout the year and I give opportunities for the recital to be attended by extended families via Zoom.

See Resources for more information on other activities/events including:
~Boise Tuesday Musical’s Monster Concert
~National Federation of Music Club’s Gold Cup Festival
~Meridian Symphony Youth Orchestra
~Boise Philharmonic Youth Orchestra
~Studio fiddle jams
~Christmas Caroling

I will evaluate each student to determine their level of understanding, and together with the student, tailor their plan of study.

The most important part of taking lessons is learning to play and I value a strong technical foundation above all else.

I will be more than happy to inspect your instrument to see if it is up to par for your level and the correct size for you.

Not at this time. Please message me directly. If given a chance to understand your schedule, I can usually work something out.

I am always willing to talk to parents about their children.

Please feel free to ask me anything about their progress, and know that I am always willing to give you periodic updates!

I offer 30, 45, and 60 minute weekly lessons paid in advance each month or per semester. My year is divided into three semesters – Spring, Summer, and Fall.

Students should play their instrument every day. This will lead to some amount of “practice” without their realizing it!

The length of practice time will vary depending on the child’s attention span and will naturally increase as they advance through the repertoire.

Life happens and interests change. Lessons are paid by month in advance. If your child will not be continuing I do not refund tuition already paid. I need to know by the last day of the current calendar month. You may tell me in person, or via email.

You may pay for lessons via personal check, Venmo, Zelle, or cash.

Payments are due by the 3rd day of each month. A $15 late fee will be accrued on the 4th.

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