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From sight-singing to ear training to theory, we use our whole bodies to help transform your child into a talented, capable, & life-long musician!

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Details about the Let's Play Music program!

Let’s Play Music is a fun music theory course for your child which begins at age 4-6. 

This three year program emphasizes total musicianship through piano playing, singing, classical music, note reading and ear training…and it’s accomplished through play!

Children learn most effectively when they are playing! If you were to peek in on a Let’s Play Music class, you would see jumping, singing, skipping, storytelling, and laughing! Music educators have long taught that the young child learn best through play, experience and discovery. As musical concepts and skills are presented in a playful, joyful setting, children absorb knowledge and ability.

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Want A Peak Into A Sample Class?

Where I am located and what my studio space is like

My studio is located in the SE Boise area (near what major cross streets?) and the room I teach in is on the main level. I have one small cat named XYZ (any behaviors… like does she hide when strangers are around?)

Current + Upcoming Class Times

Classes are held weekly and start in late August. This year (2023), classes will start on August 22. There will be two 1st Year classes, one on Tuesdays from 11-11:45, and one on Tuesdays from 12:30-1:15.
Red Balloons, the first semester of 1st Year, will start on August 22 and wrap up in mid-December. Blue Bugs, the second semester of 1st year, will begin in January and finish in April. There are no classes the week of Thanksgiving or the week of Spring Break (Boise and West Ada have the same Spring Break this school year). There are no classes over the summer.
I only teach 1st Year during the school day. It just works better that way for me and my family. For 2nd and 3rd Years, there are always after-school class options.

First Year. Keyboard Prep.

Ages 4-7

Red Balloons

1st semester of the first year. Begins in early August and wraps up in mid-December

Blue Bugs

Blue Bugs, the second semester of 1st year, will begin in January and finish in April.

Program Costs

All children are musical, they just need to be given the right tools. Each Semester of the Let’s Play Music program has a set of specially crafted class materials designed to help your child become their musical best.

1st Year Student Materials – $91

2nd Year Student Materials – $72

3rd Year Student Materials – $79

The cost of the Let’s Play Music program involves both student materials fees and class tuition fees. 

The student materials fee is paid online directly to Let’s Play Music each year at enrollment time. 

Let’s Play Music tuition fee is payable in monthly installments to Ms. Maria and is similar to the cost of beginning piano lessons in Boise. Tuition includes the weekly classes, parent communication and training, use of all classroom instruments and teaching tools, and an end-of-year recital. We are dedicated to offering a superb and enriching experience each class session which includes not only instruction but emotional encouragement and healthy social interaction.

A full breakdown of the fees is shown below.

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