Let's Play Music

Cost and Registration

1. Registration Fee

The registration fee is $30 per student, per year, and goes directly toward studio expenses.

The registration fee is paid directly to Viol Academy Of Music Studio, and holds your spot in class. It is assumed that the student will be fully enrolled via the Let’s Play Music website soon after registration.

2. Enrollment and Materials

Each year has a set of materials that are integral to the curriculum lessons. 

Materials are purchased directly from Let’s Play Music upon enrollment on the Let’s Play Music website after registering with Viol Academy Of Music Studio.

Included each year are student workbooks, piano books, and high quality digital downloads for both semesters. The first year also includes a set of high quality tone bells, flash cards, and a tote bag.

3. Tuition

Each year’s tuition is paid directly to the teacher, and can be paid monthly (8 payments), by semester (2 payments), or annually (1 payment).

$70/month, $280/semester, or $560/year.

Payments are accepted via the student portal where you may pay via Paypal or Zelle. You may also pay Maria directly using Venmo. 

Registration Form

Be sure to click, read, and sign the Studio Policies page and pay the $30 Registration Fee.