Meet Maria

Read on to learn more about my musical background, my love of teaching, and how I will help your child enjoy performing beautiful music on their instrument. 

I look forward to working with you!

Music Background

I grew up in a large musical family where every sibling had to play one band and one orchestra instrument. Of course I wasn’t going to play any instrument that had already been chosen, but as the youngest child, this presented a problem. Thank goodness the viola had never been chosen or I may have ended up on the cello!

I studied XXXYYY at Oklahoma State University, and graduated with my Bachelors Degree in XXX in 19XX. I have played in numerous symphonies/ groups including xx, yy, and zz. Currently, I enjoy performing with the Meridian Symphony.

How I got started in teaching

I completed several Suzuki teacher training courses and I planned to always use this curriculum and method. It was only when I started getting more students did I realize that one size does not fit all. I quickly learned that I needed to expand my repertoire in order to keep my student’s interest and joy of playing alive.

I began teaching in my home studio in 20XX, and my children were my first students.

(good place for a photo of your collection of tiny violas/violins, or a photo of one of your littles playing)

What I want students to take away from their time with me

I value a strong technical foundation above all else. I know that if I give my students a comfortable set up, and achievable practice techniques, they will be able to continue to learn whatever music they love to play for the rest of their life. Making practicing and performing fun, and not a chore is one of my biggest goals.

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What do you enjoy about teaching?

Every student has improved me as a teacher and person in some way. My students are the reason that I am constantly stretching, growing, and increasing my involvement (and
theirs) in the music community.❤️

A meaningful memory

At my very first student recital of my college career I performed a movement from a Bach cello suite. I was incredibly nervous and holding it together – just barely. I was the first performer on the program and walked out to a completely empty stage, not even a piano to keep me company! Performances got easier after that, but what I remember most about those recitals was the camaraderie, friendship, and support for each other our studio had. 

As your student’s teacher, I have empathy with performance anxiety on stage, and will help them overcome this fear, making sharing their musical talents fun!

See us perform!


While teaching technical skills and good practice techniques is my specialty, watching my students performs is so rewarding! Watch these hard-working students share their talents!

Working with littles
Teaching young chil

Teaching all children is a source of great joy for me. Watch this clip to see me teaching basic technical skills to one of my XX year old students! 

Name of Piece
Meridian Symphony

I love participating in community performances! Watch this fun rendition of …..xx yy

Wedding Performer
At an outdoor wedding in Aug 2021

It was a breezy day, but I loved performing a custom arrangement for my nephew’s wedding

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